Recognition from NCTE

It is said that teaching creates all other professions! It is the pillar of a society. What does that make teacher education? Probably the foundation of a society! The process of strengthening this foundation began with a new academic term on 29th May 2016 when the programme got it's recognition from NCTE and the B.Ed. course for Government College (Auto) Bhawanipatna first batch of student-teachers was set rolling on 17th August, 2016 with an Induction programme. The academic year 2016-2018 was observed as the year of Sustainable Development. Lot of activities were taken up in this area. Assemblies were conducted, various outreach activities organised, seminars, workshop, study tour, picnic were arranged, and community works were also done.

25 Arts and 25 Science candidates are undergoing the B.Ed. course this year in Government College (Auto) Bhawanipatna. Among which 40 female and 09 male candidates are there. The students of this programme carry out many activities both in theory and in practical aspects, in fulfilment of their curriculum.


The following committees have been formed for smooth management of the B.Ed. programme.

  1. Managing Committee
  2. Admission Committee
  3. Board of Studies


As per the directives of the Government the college has adopted the prescribed syllabus of SCERT, Odisha for the two years B.Ed. Programme.

Theoretical and Practical Programme Aspect:

Before the commencement of the session an Induction programme is conducted to welcome the new students by the teachers of Government College (Auto) Bhawanipatna. To make them aware with the environment of the college, the course, rules and regulations and teachers with whom they have to go ahead in achieving their goals with a face to face interaction between teachers and students is conducted effectively. B.Ed. Department with its excellent and healthy Environment for learning has run theory classes throughout the session from August to May smoothly. The syllabus was also completed in due time. Students are given ample freedom and democratic environment to express their views and are also taught to accept other view point with patience.

The students are divided into two groups, for carrying out the curricular and extra-curricular activities. Among them 2 students were selected as class representative and assistant class representative to organise the activities smoothly with the help of faculty members. Curricular activities such as seminars, meetings, tutorial classes and extra classes etc., and the co-curricular activities such as, carrying out decoration work and hall arrangements during meetings, organising meetings, study tour, picnic and learning the art of making socially useful products like the pot painting, clay painting, drawing, paper cutting, Greeting Cards, Envelops, making up of pickles, jam, squash etc..

School Internship:

On 1st November 2016, student trainees were sent to two different schools in Bhawanipatna for school internship Programme for a period of 8 weeks for teaching practice to improve their teaching skill as required in the syllabus. They have successfully completed their training with the Co-Operation of the guide teachers and Headmasters of the concerned schools. The pupil teachers completed their practice teaching classes by following traditional method and also implemented different constructivist teaching methods viz. 5E method and ICON Design method of teaching.

Seminars and Workshops:

Various seminars and workshops were organised for the benefit of students. The details of these are as follows:

1. 26/08/2016 Effect of parental influence on the choice of carrier Seminar
2. 02/10/2016 Relevance of educational psychology into teaching learning process Seminar
3. 24/10/2016 Lesson planning 5E Workshop
4. 26/10/2016 Icon Design Workshop
5.   Roll of mass media and national development  
6. 23/12/2016 Relevance of Gandhian philosophy in the present context Seminar
7. 26/03/2017 Pot designing Workshop

Outreach Activities:

1. Campus Cleaning programme:

As a part of their academic programme, during school internship, campus cleaning programme was conducted in the schools i.e. Police High School and Manikeswari High School, Bhawanipatna. All the students and faculty members participated in that programme and make it a huge success on 10 December 2016. The purpose of cleanliness drive was organized to create social awareness among pupil and make them responsible about beautiful earth and nature.

2. Plantation Programme:

The plantation date refers the day you plant a tree. Therefore Plantation day was celebrated on 11th December 2016 by the students of B.Ed. at police High School, Bhawanipatna. Plantation Programme was conducted in order to create awareness about the importance of trees in our life.

3. Survey on MDM Programme:

During the School Internship programme pupil teachers collected data from Head masters, teachers, students, SMC members, parents regarding Mid-Day Meal programme to prepare a report on the implementation and functioning of the MDM scheme.

4. Training Programme on Demonetisation:

At the time of demonetisation as the students are there at respective schools and involve in their practice teaching, they join their hands with the bank members for a training programme on demonetisation in the school.

5. Blood Donation Camp

The Blood Donation Camps was organized on 26th March 2017 at Govt. I.T.I , Bhawanipatna. Students were apprised about the importance of donating blood and each participated student took pledge to donate blood once in six months so that some precious lives could be saved. Most of the faculty members and students participated in the programme.

Celebrations and Observations:

1. Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in the college premises on 02-10-2016 and students of B.Ed participated with zeal and joy. A seminar was organised on that day on the topic "Relevance of Gandhian philosophy in the present context".

2. Republic Day

Republic Day is indeed a day of great pride and honour for Indians everywhere. Government College (Auto) Bhawanipatnacelebrated Republic Day with full zeal and spirit

3.Saraswati Puja

On 1st February 2017 Saraswati pooja was celebrated with a great joy. The students drew Rangolis and different paper art for decorating the hall. In the function the students' chanted religious hymns while offering flowers to Goddess Saraswati. Students and staff of the department offered prayer to Goddess Saraswati for the success of the B.Ed. programme

4. Women's Day

On 8th March, B.Ed women students participated in the womens' day celebrations at Government College (Auto) Bhawanipatna.


All the staff members and students went on a picnic to Ravandara on 3rd January 2017 to celebrate New Year. The place is situated near Bhawanipatna and is full of natural sceneries including waterfalls.

Study Tour:

All the student trainees accompanied by the Principal, Coordinator and faculty members went on a memorable study tour to Kolkata and Sundarban from 9th February 2017 to 13th February 2017 for the purpose of nature's study as a part of their curriculum.

Yoga and Physical Education:

Physical education classes were held for 2 months i.e. from January to February continuously where the students learnt about different theoretical and practical aspects of yoga. They practiced different Asans and Pranayams during the practical sessions.

Fruit and Vegetable Preservation:

As a part of curriculum fruit and vegetable preservation classes were also arranged for a period of four months from January to April to make the students understand about how to preserve different food items both theoretically and practically in the assigned classes and research centres situated at Bhawanipatna. They learnt about preserving foods, preparing pickles, squash, jam etc. personally with the help of the concerned teacher Mr.A.Moharana.

In-house Tests:

In-house tests conducted for four timesto know the performance and understanding the problems of the students in the subjects. Accordingly extra classes and remedial classes were arranged for the students. The dates of the in-house test enlisted below:



1. 10/09/2016- 19/09/2016
2. 19/10/2016- 27/10/2016
3. 16/01/2017- 24/01/2016
4. 06/04/2017-15/04/2017


The department has a well-furnished and efficiently organized Library. It is well stocked with latest edition Books of eminent authors on various titles to cater to needs and requirements of its readers. 274 volumes of books costing Rs.153954/- have been procured during the first academic session.

Furniture and Equipment:

The vision of the programme is to bring professional excellence in the field of education. To meet this purpose, college made efforts for providing all the possible infrastructures and electronics machines to the students for their development of professional skills. Furniture includes Bench and Desk(17nos), Table(2nos), Almirah(4nos), Chair(10nos) etc. and electronics machines include Xerox machine, Laptop, Projector etc.

Government College (Autonomous), Bhawanipatna