Rules & Regulations

General Rules of Discipline
1. The academic session of the college is from 1st June to 31st May.
2. The date of commencement of lectures of different classes is notified separately.
3. Before a student is admitted to the college, he/she and his/her guardian has to sign an undertaking in the proper form to the effect that the student will abide by the rules and regulations of the college and will confirm to such standard of discipline as will be determined by the Principal.
4. The student must register with the college office his or her address at which he/she lives. Any change in the home address must be intimated to the office in writing at once.
5. All the grievances addressed to the Principal should be put in the box kept near the reading room and the clerk concerned will place the same before the grievance redressal committee. All applications will be disposed of at the earliest possible.
6. If any student desires to have an interview with the Principal, he/she can do so with permission. Students shall not see the Principal for routing matters. The matters are to be routed through the college office. They shall come to the Principal with special problems if any.
7. Students who want to obtain leave of absence from the college must apply for that leave before they actually remain absent from the college. In special cases such as illness where it is not possible to obtain leave in advance, an application for grant of leave should be sent by post or submitted immediately after returning to the college. Long absence due to illness should be supported by medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
8. Fees are received in the college office on the days fixed for collection. Students shall tender the exact amount of their dues and should stand in a queue while waiting near the counter for depositing their fees.
9. Students of the college are forbidden (a) to belong to any outside Athletic-club or any club, Society or Association which is not approved by the Govt and (b) to play for any team other than the college team without the prior permission of the Principal.
10. When a match is to be played away from the head quarters, members of the team and other students who want to accompany the team must obtain prior leave of absence from the Principal.
11. Continuous absence without an application for leave is serious breach of college discipline.
12. Students shall abide by the above rules and regulations for a healthy atmosphere in the college. The violation of the rules shall be seriously dealt with.
13. They must not spit on the walls, floor, pillars or doors of the college, Scribbling, pasting placards or poster or otherwise disfiguring college walls or black boards are strictly prohibited. Such students when identified shall be punished to the extent of removal from rolls.
14. Students are forbidden to loiter in the corridors. When they have no classes to attend, can use the reference room or common room during leisure hours.
15. Students are warned against tampering the light and fan switches and water taps and fittings.
16. Students should take their seats before the teacher enters the class room and should not ordinarily leave their seats during the lecture hour.
17. Students must at all places and particularly in the college or playground or while attending meetings, conduct themselves with a sense of decorum and dignity.
18. Students are warned not to handle articles which are not their own property.
19. Cycles must be properly locked and kept in the cycle shed provided for boys and girls separately.
20. Students should have their identity cards with them during college hours, college functions and must produce them for verification on demand.
20. Dress code:
      For Boys- Sky Blue Shirt, Cement Grey Colour Pant.
      For Girls- White Salwar, Cement Grey Colour kameez , White Dupatta.

22. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the College as well as in all the hostels of the College.

Autonomous and Council Rules
College Code - 15081101
Admission to +2 and Under Graduate courses are regulated by the on-line admission system under Student Academic Management System (SAMS) of Govt. of Orissa. The details of admission process can be seen from the official website
Admission to PG and M.Phil courses are permissible upto 4 weeks after opening of the college after summer vacation or after publication of the result of the respective qualifying examinations by Sambalpur University / Govt. Autonomous College, Bhawanipatna, which ever is later.
The details of admission rules for PG and M.Phil can be seen in the college prospectus.

It is the duty of the students to verify their roll numbers in the attendance registers of the subjects which are allotted to them. In case it is not there, they are required to bring it to the notice of the office.
Candidates securing less than 75% of attendance shall not be allowed to fill up forms for the Council and Degree exam.
However, condonation of shortage in attendance is allowed to the extent of 50% when the candidate represents the University in any athletic event.

Admission to Autonomous Examination and Promotion rules
a) No person whose name is not entered in the Register of Matriculates submitted to Sambalpur University shall be permitted to appear at any Autonomous Examination.
b) Before being admitted to Autonomous Exams, a candidate must have registered himself for the examination.
c) Every candidate for an Autonomous examination of the college shall have previously passed the qualifying examination, if any, prescribed in the statutes.
d) No candidate shall be permitted to sit for an Autonomous Exam. Unless his/her term and annual certificate of attendance, certificate of conduct and progress or the exemption, if any, granted to him have been received by the OIC, Examination. Such exemption shall only be given by order of Principal.
e) Every candidate sent for the Autonomous examination by the college shall produce a certificate of good conduct and having satisfactorily passed the college periodical examinations and other tests.

Migration Certificate
A student changing the University at any stage of his/her study shall have to produce a migration Certificate from the University last attended failing which his/her result of Autonomous Examination shall be withheld.

Proctorial Rules
Proctorial system has been introduced in every college for developing close contact between the students and teachers for timely guidance and advice in academic and other matters. Under this system a batch of sixteen to twenty four students, kept under the control of a teacher (Proctor), meets as per dates and places previously fixed. They put forth their difficulties before the Proctor for advice, information regarding the academic performance, attendance in class and other matters in respect of every student is sent to the guardian once in a quarter.
1. Every student will be placed under the charge of a Proctor who shall usually be a member of the teaching staff.
2. The students shall meet the Proctor at least once in a month or as many times as are necessary and discuss with him/her their difficulties and problems. At least one meeting will be convened by each Proctor in a month to meet all his wards.
3. The students shall furnish required information to the Proctor for the maintenance of the proctorial records.
4. No student shall ordinarily leave the head quarters without informing the Proctor.
5. No student will ordinarily meet the Principal on official business without the permission of the Proctor nor will any application be submitted without his recommendation.
6. Any adverse report against a student by the Proctor will be seriously viewed and dealt with accordingly.
7. Financial assistance or other forms of assistance will be given to a student only when recommended by the Proctor.
8. The promotions in the college examination and the issue of the final conduct and transfer certificate from the college will also be based as far as possible on the proctorial record of a student during his/her period of study in the college.

Travel Concession Rules
A. Railway Travel

1. The students are entitled to avail themselves of railway concession for the homeward journey (to and from) during the vacation or for the purpose of study tour or excursion. Home of the student means only native place of the student or the place where parents/guardian normally live. Changes of address, if any, or parents or guardian must be intimated to the college office in writing immediately.
2. Concessions for appearing at the entrance examinations to various disciplines can also be availed of for onward and return journey for which students have to carry their-Identity Cards with them at the time of travel.
3. The students willing to avail concession will have to apply to the Principal stating details regarding their journey Rs.1/- is to be paid towards concession certificate form.


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