N.C.C. (National Cadet Corps)
N.C.C. Training is provided for the boy students. Every cadet is required to attend the parade once a week. They are imparted training in military science by the N.C.C. officers and the Army personnel posted by the Defence Department. The following are the aims of the N.C.C.:
   a) To develop character, comradeship and qualities of leadership in the youth of the country.
   b) To provide service training to youth so as to stimulate their interest in the defence of the country.
   c) To build up a reserve of potential officers to enable the armed force to expand rapidly in a national emergency.

Advantages of N.C.C. Training
N.C.C. cadets at the end of the first or at the beginning of the second year of training are eligible to appear at the "B" certificate and at the end of the 3rd year of their training to appear at the "C" certificate exam. Students with N.C.C. qualification are always given preference over other students in many competitive examinations both civil and military. It also provides opportunity to have a career in the Army through the officers Training Unit of N.C.C. and "C" certificate entry.
Students enrolled in N.C.C. have to attend a minimum of 75 percent of the parades and N.C.C. classes in order to qualify themselves to appear at the "B" and "C" certificate examinations. 

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