College Hostel

There are three hostels for the accommodation for students of the college, the maximum capacity of these hostels is as follows:
Hostel Name Seat
East Hostel
West Hostel
North Hostel
+2 New Hostel
Ladies Hostel
Indravati Womens' Hostel

A New Ladies Hostel with 100 seat capacity was inaugurated on 24th June 2010 and is under construction with the financial grant from UGC and Bhawanipatna Municipality

Applications for admission into the hostels are received in the college office at the beginning of the session. Seats are allotted by the Principal generally on the basis of merit and conduct of the students.

Students living in the hostels are under the direct control of the Superintendent at all times during the college term. The Principal is the Warden of the hostels and shall be the final authorities in all matters relating to hostels.

Common Room
The hostel has a common room where during specific hours boarders can read newspaper and magazines and can listen to the radio or watch TV. The hostel has facilities for both indoor and outdoor games such as Carom, Chess, Badminton, Volleyball, Football and Cricket.

Hostel Rules
1.  Students must come with his parents or guardians at the time of admission.
2. Seats are allotted by the superintendent to the students who produce a certificate from the Principal to the effect of their admission to the hostel.
3. No non-boarder will be allowed to stay in the hotel for more than 48 hours.
4. Withdrawal from the hostel requires the permission of the Principal. Application for withdrawal should be made by the guardians. No boarder shall be allowed to leave the hostel without the permission of the Superintendent.
5. Whenever the boarders leave the hostel for any other purpose, they must apply to the Superintendent for leave and obtain his/her permission.
6. The hostel remains closed-during Puja and Summer vacations, Boarders desiring to remained in hostel during Puja must obtain special permission from the Superintendent. Those who stay have to make their own arrangement for food during vacation.
7. Boarders are responsible for the safekeeping of the furniture supplied to them and liable to replace them in case of damage.
8. The internal management of the hostel is with the Superintendent.
9. Attendance in the hostels is taken in the evening.
10. There are fixed hours for study and meals and other routine work. Study period of 2 hours in the morning and 2 and half hours in the evening is observed always except on Saturday night. Any change in this and other details will be notified by the Superintendent from time to time.
11. No boarder shall leave the hostel during the study hour and at night without the prior permission of the Superintendent. Frequent absence, however, will be treated as a serious breach of discipline.
12. Boarders should not in any way, interrupt others in their studies, during study hours, they should maintain perfect silence and engage themselves in their studies.
13. Evening meals must be finished by 10 p.m.
14. Boarders should obtain the permission of the Principal before joining or taking part in any-Association or meeting outside the college, All movements by the students either for calling meeting or circulating notice or raising subscriptions must receive the previous sanction of the Superintendent.
15. The Superintendent has the power of censoring all reading matter brought into the hostel. Ordinarily no guest is allowed without prior permission from the Superintendent.
16.  The following will be considered breach of discipline;
  a) Absence from the hostel without leave.
  b) Continuous negligence of study
  c) Non-observance of cleanliness in rooms
  d) Spitting in the room, corridors and hostel campus.
  e) Singing or playing of musical instruments except during specified hours
  f) Absence during study periods
  g) Writing on or disfiguring the walls, doors and windows of the building.
  h) Bringing in papers or periodicals not authorised by the Superintendent into the hostel common room/living room.
  i) Holding of any meeting in the hostel except with the approval of the Superintendent and
  j) Misconduct of any type.
17. The parents and natural guardians of the boarder may be allowed with the prior permission of the Superintendent to reside in the hostel for one night, provided they come with their ward's interest for academic work.
18. A boarder infected with any disease must immediately report to the Superintendent for necessary action.
19. All the boarders are members of hostel common mess, permission to take meals outside can be given only by the Principal in exceptional Circumstances. 30 compulsory meal charge will be charged if the mess runs for the full month.
20. The boarders have a Union which aims at training them i the management of a larger home (hostel), fostering their academic, physical and cultural growth with the ultimate motive of building a full personality. It conducts debates and discussions, different competitions, organisation of games and sports and other cultural functions. The office bearers are elected as per the hostel Union rules.
21. There is a Mess Committee which looks after the mess.
22. All lights in the hostel room must be switched off at 10.30 p.m. No boarder except those staying in single seated room can burn his/her own lights (such as candies, lamps etc.) so as not to put others into inconvenience.

Additional Rules for Women's Hostel
1. No boarder shall go out of the college campus without the permission of the Superintendent. Normally they will be allowed to go out in groups of four or more.
2. When a boarder goes out of the campus, she fills in the "Going Out" register indicating the place she is going to at the time of leaving the hostel. When she returns she should mention the time or return.
3. All boarders should be in the hostel after 6 p.m. Absence from the hostel during these hours without permission of the Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent is strictly prohibited and attendance will be marked at about 7p.m.
4. Parents or guardians of boarders should submit a list of authorised visitors in prescribed from signed by him/her with the specimen signature of such visitors. The number of visitors to be authorised should not exceed four. Relationship of the authorised visitors with the boarder should be specified.
5. Authorised visitors are allowed to visit the boarder in hostel during visiting hours only and to sign in the visitor's book along with other necessary entries before meeting their ward. They may however visit the boarder in the hostel beyond the visiting hours with due permission of the Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent only on the grounds of boarders health of emergent nature.
6. Authorised visitors are allowed to visit their wards between 4p.m. and 6p.m only with the permission of the Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent. The time of such meeting should not ordinary exceed half an hour.
7. Visitors should be received in the Visitor's Room only.
8. Parents of the boarders are allowed to visit their wards on any day between 8a.m and 6 p.m. with due permission of the Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent.
9. The hostel gate must be locked at 6p.m. and not to be opened without the permission of the Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent.
10. No boarder will be allowed to leave the hostel without the letter of authority from the parent of approved guardian,
11. Female guest of a boarder my be allowed to stay with her only with the permission of Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent under exceptional circumstance for one night only.
12. No boarder will be allowed to go home alone during the working days. Under special circumstance she may be allowed to go home on the production of a letter form her parent.
13. When boarder will be allowed to go home alone, she may, however, be allowed to travel during day time only at her own risk on production of a written authority of a parent addressed to the Superintendent.
14. No boarder will be allowed to go home either alone or without escort in between 7p.m. and 6a.m.
15. A boarder should enter her name, class, time and date of her departure and sign before she leaves the hostel for home in a separate register maintained for the purpose and make similar entries immediately after her return to the hostel.
16. Boarders are not allowed to stay overnight with guardian unless specially permitted.
17. Boarders cannot stay in the hostel during vacation. On Special circumstances they may be permitted to stay only for examination purpose.
18. Male visitors are not allowed to enter hostel rooms. Women visitors can enter the room only with the permission of the Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent.
19. Day scholars are not allowed to enter the hostel without the permission of the Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent.
20. All incoming letters and communication for the boarder will pass through the Superintendent or Asst. Superintendent.
21. The following registers are maintained in the hostel:
  a. Visitors Book
  b. Long roll Register
  c. Register for Authorised guardians
  d. Stock Register
  e. Conduct Register
  f. Attendance Register

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