financial assistance

The college is providing financial assistance for the students under merit-cum-poverty list.

A. Free Studentship
Free studentship upto a maximum extent of 12 1/2% of the total strength of the college is awarded to the students every year on merit-cum-poverty basis. It may be full free studentship or half free studentship. The students shall have to apply to the Principal in prescribed form (which can be had from the college office) along with attested copies of income certificate, mark sheet and certificate in favor of other financial help received earlier. Applicants are required to appear at an interview which they will be informed about well in advance.

B. Aid from S.S.G.
Aid is given from the funds of the Social Service Guild and Students' Aid fund. Poverty and merit are taken into consideration for these awards. Applications are to be in the prescribed form along with that of free studentship and the applicants may be required to appear at an interview for the purpose.

Government College (Autonomous), Bhawanipatna